Episode 89: Online Dating: No good profile photo no swipe right

A good profile photo gets you a first date and ultimately, to first base.

Whether you describe yourself as smart, rich, honest, or genuine on your online dating profile, you will get no swipes right if you don’t look handsome or beautiful on your profile photo. It is because only your look or physical attraction, not your “About Me” will get you a first date, and ultimately, to first base. Dating apps users are wishing for something more significant than what they publish on their dating profile. 

Online daters do not care about “About Me” or profile description; they care about perceived looks and physical attractions. Thus to get “swipe right”, they spend ample time choosing the profile pictures that will attract people of all sexual orientation. Swiping left or right is about liking the looks, not about reading profiles. 

With that said, it is a lie when people write they are looking for friendship, something casual, long term or are DTF; what they are looking for is the hope that the one who catches their eyes online will look like the one they will meet in person. People who are on dating apps, whether males or females like or swipe right first and then they read later to find out if that person is not a psycho or a criminal, and to a certain extent; although many online daters would not mind, a transgender, an animal lover, or a 420-friendly. 

Whether they were DTF or looking to have fun, when the chemistry is amusing, exciting or when the date does not catfish, online daters keep the momentum to hope for lasting and meaningful relationships. They do not want to waste their time going out on dates over and over just for casual sex or friendship; they seek to crave and feel something genuine and consistent. 

In summary, online daters do not care about what others say they are or looking for; they swipe left or right based on profile photos. The better the users look on their pictures, the more “swipes right” they receive. Online daters seek something lasting and meaningful. Many people who said they were there to get some found love after they liked or swiped right on each other’s profile photos. 

Bobb Rousseau, PhD
Apostrophe Podcast