Episode 35: The fuss about voter ID


The conversation is about whether or not people need to show ID in order to vote. In 31 states, people are allowed to vote without showing ID. The only requirement is to be able to say your name and provide a physical address.


Currently, 31 states in the United States allow people to vote without showing any ID. See, I say, people, not Americans. I did not say Americans because these states do not verify citizenship at the polling stations. The only requirement to vote is to be able to say your name and provide a physical address. 

Hello and welcome to a series on Election Integrity on Azazel Podcast. Here, I answer whether America needs a federal voter ID policy or whether requiring an ID to vote would suppress or make it harder for Americans to voice their opinion. 

I am your host Dr. Bobb Rousseau and without further ado, let’s discuss the impact of a national voter ID policy on election integrity and individual liberty. 
Every vote counts and citizens must have the right to vote, to indeed vote.”  The American constitution establishes the criteria to vote; one of them is citizenship. Making every vote count is not the same for our political leaders. The democrats believe that the government should enact no laws that may disenfranchise or suppress Americans from voting. As such, they oppose voter ID, which would have required all Americans to show ID at the polling stations. Their arguments are leading since, in over 30 states, voters vote without confirming they are Americans or qualified to vote. The only piece of information these state voters are required to provide at the polling stations is their name and their physical address. This leaves the door open for someone to vote at least twice or to use someone else’s name and physical address to vote. 

The republicans suggest that to promote election fairness and honesty, a national or state-wide voter ID is needed. The Democrats say voter ID will prevent immigrants, poor Americans, and uneducated Black Americans from casting their votes. The Republicans refute saying that these same immigrants, poor Americans, and uneducated Black Americans have no issue showing their ID at the liquor stores. 

Vote is the only freedom Americans can defend. Thus, protecting it requires not preventing others from doing their part. Allowing anyone to vote without checking their credentials blocks the voice of Americans with the right to defend such a right. 

Proof of citizenship should be enforced nationwide as stated by the Constitution of the Republic. It is easy to prove that one was born here by presenting a birth certificate or a passport. A driver’s license or a school badge is not a valid form of ID regarding elections. The one who cannot prove their American citizenship should not be allowed to vote. PERIOD. 

Election dishonesty exists because it is too easy for anyone in America to vote. Implementing a Voter ID policy will reassure the citizens in the process, make it easier to certify election results legally, and even avoid what happened on January 6, 2020.

I support a national or statewide voter ID policy because I believe that such a policy will protect the integrity of the electoral system and reduce the opportunity for illegal voting, stolen elections, and foreign interference. Since it is a requirement for everyone to show an ID to buy alcohol, rent an apartment, or be let into the club, it must also be a requirement for everyone to present an ID to vote. 
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